Please make your appointment by choosing one of our options below!

To better serve our customers, we are now accepting scheduled appointments for our showroom, for a dedicated, ONE-ON-ONE sales experience.
No more waiting in line for our sales staff to finish with other customers before being able to talk to you!

30 Min Showroom visit - Make Your Stone Choices- - or Browse the Showroom!

Our sales team will help you choose the stone that is right for you.

Not sure what you want? Schedule a time, stop in and see the showroom, browse the Yard!
There is no charge for this appointment, but keep in mind, we may be with a client, so there may be some overlap on your time.

For Dedicated Personal Service, please choose one of our other appointment options!

(30 minutes)

One hour Showroom Visit and Stone Selection

One-on-One dedicated time with our experienced sales team!
Your time is dedicated to you to be able to browse at your leisure, and make the selections you want to make your home Beautiful!

That’s what we call Rock Solid Service, and Rock Solid Selection!
Remember, $37.50 will be credited to your purchase of products in our store

(1 hour)
$ 75.00

30 min Print take off for Quantity Estimation

Bring in your prints or “Napkin Drawings” and we will do all the work for you!
We will guarantee our qty, so you will have peace of mind that its correct, or we will make it correct, at no cost to you!
Remember, when you purchase your products from us, we will credit your account 83.50

(30 minutes)
$ 167.00

2 hour Print Take off

This service will provide you with a 100% guaranteed accurate take off for your project!
If we come up short, there is no cost to you for the stone extras, and if we figured too much, you get a refund and no restocking fee!
You also get priority Lead times, and 1/2 Price Delivery (60.00)to our local service area!
Remember, when you purchase product from us, you will receive a credit for $137.00

(2 hours)
$ 274.00

On Site Consultation (up to 2 hours)

Save your sanity, Call us to help!
We come to your site, ( In our local Area) give you our opinions and share our ideas and expertise on what products to use, and proper way to install.
We can help you with Pavers, Walls, Veneer, Walkways, Fireplaces, water runoff and drainage, Frost Protection, soil types, etc
100% Accuracy Guaranteed for all takeoffs
If your project is underway, and you need tips and pointers on how to install, we will get our hands dirty with you!
When you place an order with us, we credit 187.00 to your purchase of products

(2 hours)
$ 374.00